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Savvy Cinderella Bridal Studio’s is situated on the Norman Business Park, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0AR.  We stock Genuine Designer Wedding Gowns, from trusted and respected UK and American Bridal Designers.  Our Bridal Studio’s cater for Brides, Grooms, Bridesmaids, Mother of The Bride, and Prom girls.


Our Bridal gowns are genuine labels, excellent quality, and featured in magazines and on designer websites.  Prices start from £500 – £2500 for a genuine designer gown, made to order.  We can supply gowns from stock, if you do not have the luxury of time (gowns can take 16 – 20 weeks to be manufactured)

Savvy Cinderella has always been passionate about our wedding gowns, but also about the experience of purchasing your wedding dress.  We believe that dress shopping is part of the whole experience of being a bride, and as such, it should be fun, relaxed and friendly.  We believe Customer Service is key to all successful businesses, and we are proud of the awards we have been nominated for and have won.   We want your wedding dress experience with us to be an enjoyable one.

We also want your experience of buying your gown to be stress free, and with that in mind, we are proud to be a member of the British Bridal Retail Association (BBRA).  To be a member, you have to sell genuine designer gowns, provide excellent customer service, and have clear a precise contracts, with clear terms and conditions.  As a member, we are also able to offer our Clients Free Insurance on their wedding dress purchased from us, to the value of £1000 (telephone activation is required within 10 days of purchasing your dress) and access to full wedding insurance from £25.00.

We believe that being covered by  Wedding Insurance will give our clients full peace of mind.  You choose the level you require, and unlike many wedding policies, our recommended plan can cover you for the unlikely event of  cancelling your wedding.  Obviously, we hope that this will be one item purchased that you will never need to use, but having it in place means that if things do not work out as planned, or some unexpected surprises come your way,  at least you will have one less thing to worry about.

As members of the BBRA, we can also offer a Bridesmaid Measuring Service to other BBRA members, and are able to arrange measurements to be taken from participating stores.  This means that if you have a bridesmaid in another part of the Country, we can offer details of stores that can arrange to measure your maids for us.

When you choose your dress from a BBRA member, you are able to purchase with confidence, knowing your are buying from a reputable store, and knowing that your purchase is fully insured, ( you must activate your insurance policy, it is not automatically registered).


Wedding Dress Insurance from Savvy Cinderella




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The Best Dressed Flowergirls @SavvyCinderella

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Savvy Cinderella, have a large selection of Flower Girl Dresses, and younger bridesmaid dresses, at their Savvy Cinderella Bridal Studio’s based in March, Cambridgeshire.


When choosing dresses for young Flowergirl’s, it is best to choose the dress you want, but leave the measuring until closer to the wedding,  Usually 16 weeks is fine, but with many dresses being available from stock, and delivery times of a week,  many flowergirl dresses are best ordered 8 weeks before the wedding.  When choosing your dress, ask about delivery times, as they do vary, and the store will advise you on the best time to have your little ones measured.


For pre-teens and teenage dresses, the delivery time is the same as the adult dresses, 16 weeks.   So we do make allowances for this when measuring.  If choosing adult, pre-teens and flowergirl dresses, we recommend ordering them all together, to ensure perfect colour match.







Beautiful dress with a satin sash and diamante embellishment             Available in Ivory and White. Sash Colours: Ivory, White, Purple, Pink, Wine Sizes 18-24 months up to 9-10 years £60-£65




When choosing your dress, it is often best to visit the studio before bringing in your flowergirls.  This way you can choose the dresses you love, and limit the number you would like to show the little ones, and have them try on.


Choosing their dress can be an exciting time, but sometimes it can be overwhelming for them too. So by limiting the amount they can try on, you are not burdening them with the pressure of too much choice, and you are making sure they pick the dress that you want.   It is often a very good idea to have just one dress ready for them to try on, this way you are guaranteed you get them in the dress of your choice, rather than having to bargain and negotiate with a 2 year old.  It is very hard to tell a little one that the dress they love, isn’t the one you love, so would they mind wearing the one you have chosen.  Often the answer is a firm ‘No – I want this one!”  So if you want them to choose their own dress, be prepared to be flexible.


Veromia have a beautiful range of Flower Girl dresses, that co-ordinate with their Adult and Teen Collection.  Allow a maximum of 16 weeks for these dresses to be made to order.  Expect to pay between £150 – £230 for a Veromia Flower Girl and Pre-teen Dress, and £160 – £250 for an Adult Dress.



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If you don’t  require an exact match for Flowergirl dress with the other dresses, then you can’t go wrong with the lovely range we have in for ‘off the peg dresses’    These are purchased either from stock, or we order them in, usually next day delivery.  Our seamstress can often add detail to these dresses, at an additional cost, and make matching sashes, or flowers.

Prices start at £35 – £65 from age 9 months – 10 years,  and delivery times are usually 1- 2 weeks.   Available in White and Ivory, and can often have coloured sashes, the dresses can be made fuller by adding an underskirt.


From £40

Available in Ivory and White Sash Colours: Ivory, White, Purple, Red, Wine               Sizes 18-24 months- 9-10yrs

We also have our own range of made to measure dresses,  which are available to be customised to your own design.

Prices start from £99 – £200 and we advise you to allow 8 – 10 weeks for these dresses to be made.


flower girl dress

Custom made Organza £125 – £150


All Flower girl dresses for the younger children comes complete with little Fairy Wings for them to play with later during the day at the wedding, or as something to take home with them after their fitting.



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Petticoats can change the look of a dress, and are available in all sizes, in short or long.


From £15.00 these beautiful little accessories can make all the difference, and add to the feeling of being a princess.







We want your Flowergirl to enjoy her time here @SavvyCinderella, and so we take great care in ensuring that their visit with us is as stressfree as possible.  If they are not in the mood to be measured, as sometimes happens, we take the time to ensure it can be done easily and without causing them any upset.  We don’t want them to associate their dress, with anything stressful, so we keep it fun and happy, to make sure your day is perfect.  We have found that many little flowergirls are not too happy to try on dresses, and many are not to happy when it comes to taking them off.   It is hard when your are 3 to understand the concept that this will be their dress in a few months time, and they can’t wear it before hand.  So we work closely with your to ensure it is a special day, without over exciting them.


We do a small range of flower girls shoes too, and a lovely range of head dresses.



Savvy Cinderella Ltd,  Unit 3 Norman Business Park, Thorby Avenue, March, Cambs, PE15 0AR

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